Even though interior design is considered a profession or a career, we engage in interior design more frequently than we think. Whenever you engage in changing how your living space in your house is, that is interior design. This way, you can choose a more modern, more traditional way to suit your needs. Even if it involves changing the house’s appearance in general, it is a way to show how exactly we feel and how functional it really is. As an interior designer, whether professionally or casually, knowing interesting facts about its evolution makes it have a more significant impression on its functions.

The practice is much older than

The practice is much older than we thought. During the prehistoric era, people used to live in caves, making furniture from stone and arranging the cave to suit their feelings at that time. Drawings were made on walls to communicate with others and add beauty to those walls. Ancient traditional societies found various ways to decorate their homes by using things like animal skins, tree branches, others used flowers. Although there are worldwide trends, every country has its ways of designing a room. Take an example of countries in tropical regions, where most of their furniture is made from hardwood or softwood.

This is mainly because it depends

This is mainly because it depends greatly on the traditional culture, customs, or beliefs of a country, also the available materials in that respective country. Some countries maintain plain colored wallpapers while others embrace floral ones. Interestingly, having many windows can alleviate pain, and at the same time, different colors promote different moods. Certain colors are more relaxing while others give us energy, for example, colors blue, yellow and green promote productivity, which is why most cooperate buildings have painted those colors. In the same manner, the amount of light entering a room alters our feelings. Being in a dark room may lead to different pains even without any cause, you might begin feeling uneasy, headaches, or muscle pains.

Interior Design a Profession or a Hobby?

For this reason, hospitals have large windows with enough light passing through, most of the time facing a beautiful landscape; patients in these rooms rarely require pain medications. Designers have been lately turning to natural resources for making the furniture and decor simply because raw materials last longer than man-made ones. These natural materials include bamboo, cotton, clay, and stone, which last longer. They are weather-proof in their natural habitats, not forgetting to mention how Eco-friendly they actually are. This has made them very trendy in this industry.

Good designs depend on the building’s function, this being the main thing that designers keep in mind. The designers should make sure that their design leads to maximum utilization and productivity in all aspects. You can tell the character of a person by just looking at how his house is designed. These characters include what the person likes, his economic status, and his style. Small details like carpet type are important in explaining the atmosphere of a particular room. Climatic conditions of a room need to be kept in mind when choosing such details.

Small business spaces use mirrors on walls to make the area look spacious, as mirrors give an impression of greater depth and scope. Mirrors placed in hallways provide artificial lighting when placed in the right spots. Before designing a room, have a vision, then implement it as this vision determines your inspiration, mostly natural elements, especially elements of the earth. Spaces in a room need to be arranged properly to improve productivity giving it the right comfort, like adding colorful pillows on your sofa makes it more comfortable.

These designs need not be complex or complicated, relatively simple and effective. Consequently, small details really matter, from the texture of decor, to how they are placed in the room. When decorating the walls, add paintings, wall panels, and other accessories to make an elegant feel. Therefore, it creates a space where you are the artist, and your house is your drawing paper, meaning that everything you do needs to make that space your own. Make every design suitable for your specific needs since it will reflect your personality, beliefs, and most importantly, your inner self. It allows you to improvise your quality of life, giving you space to reflect on yourself.